Earlie James Professional Photo
Earlie James is the president of Living Life Center LLC, a progressive publishing corporation
designed to teach individuals how to overcome adverse circumstances and to develop key leadership competencies in order to live more productive and effective lives. The mission of the organization is to spread the message of life to those who have yet to apprehend it! As a widower, Earlie James is proof that anyone can overcome adverse circumstances in their lives. He is uniquely gifted by God to help individuals answer the proverbial question, “Who am I, and why am I here?” He is referred to by many as “the teacher,” because individuals are experiencing life on a higher level as a result of his teachings. Earlie has authored several books, including Life Beyond Trauma and Apprehending a New Day. Earlie James has spent the last nineteen years in retail management, sales, and corporate training and development. Presently, he serves as a Branch Manager of a major bank in Philadelphia. Earlie and his wife Pastor Liberty Temple West Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Earlie and Rhonda have worked with various civic organizations within Philadelphia, including Grands as Parents and Families Forward. They have also worked with numerous shelters, and served the homeless, elderly, and abused children, serving as mentors, public speakers, and advocates.
Earlie, Rhonda, and their youngest son Ej reside in Philadelphia.