In accordance with the vision, Liberty Temple Full Gospel Church strives to:


  1. Promote and provide structured opportunities to meet the emotional, spiritual, natural, and economic needs of the community.
  2. Foster collaborative relationships with individuals, organizations, government and schools that address problems and build upon assets of local and global communities; Connect learning to community problem solving through the development of service-learning courses, activities, and events across disciplines;
  3. Inspire responsibility and personal growth by creating initiatives, and providing services that encourage self-improvement, build esteem, inform, and inspire.
  4. Develop initiatives and act upon issues of social justice and civic responsibility, motivate, and impact.
  5. Create revenue and wealth strategies that empower the community, provide services, and meet the needs of those we encounter
  6. Utilize the Arts, Media, Technology, and various methods both traditional and nontraditional to inspire, educate and inform.